Working in a startup VS. a corporate company

Working in a startup VS. a corporate company

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How to market your booking site

About 10 years ago, businesses were totally dependent on offline sales. Then, doing business via online mode started. Today, businesses are totally dependent on online sales. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are more dependent on online modes. Traditional marketing and digital marketing are totally different, though both are needed to increase sales. Now, it is time to learn about digital marketing.

There are lots of software with the help of which you can market your booking sites. You have to conduct marketing in such a way that whenever customers search for your business on Google search and Maps, they find it at the top of the search results. Marketing is an important part of your business plan. It helps you to reach new customers as well as reconnect with the previous ones, which leads to the growth of your business.

Suppose you have a hotel, salon, yoga and fitness classes, cooking classes, or online shopping business, etc. Have your websites also. With the use of smart technology, market your website. Get your company listed on the GMB list.


Ways to promote your online booking site and get more bookings


  1. Create content that meets the needs of your audience.

First, you have to create a content page for your website which is either in the form of a blog/article, e-books, videos, information pages, or more. High-quality content attracts an audience to read all the information provided on your website about the product. Content is not created for the sole purpose of increasing sales, but to solve people's questions and provide them with what they actually wanted to read about. If you are a yoga and fitness school, you might share health facts regarding healthy habits or healthy foods. Providing content that solves one's questions will make them feel comfortable and convert them into valuable customers.

Create and manage your business booking on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can also give access to your booking site on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can list your products and services on that page as well as add a call to action (Book now, Order now or Call now, etc.).

  1. Encourage reviews.

If someone stays in your hotel, then find the right time to give that guest a feedback form and request reviews. Highlight great reviews on your hotel website and social media. Remember, when someone looks for a room in your hotel, then they will search for other guests' reviews and experiences. Do not be afraid of negative reviews. Use them to enhance your services. You can train your staff to ask for feedback during one stay. You can also send an email or text message out later that day requesting reviews.


  1. Build an email list.

You can send emails to your existing customers regarding offers or discounts during any festive season. For example, if you run a gift or bakery business, then you can save the date on which customers had purchased cake or any gift items and email them a notification again when the date is nearby. For this, you can choose any email marketing platform. Mailpoet and AutomateWoo are two excellent options.

  1. Include photos and videos.

Invest a small amount of money to feature high-quality photos and videos on your site to make it attractive for customers. As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression. People always go through your gallery to see exactly what their room looks like while booking a stay in a hotel, or what their cooking classes are like. For example, If you have a resto or café, then vivid images of your menu items can make a great first impression.

  1. Add online booking to your website and GMB listing.

Always add the Book Now button on the front page, i.e., on the top half of your website. This will make it easy for customers to do online bookings. Also, add your online booking link to your Google My Business list.

  1. Grow your business with Google Ads.

Hire a Google Ads specialist who can show your business to customers in such a way that whenever people search for your product or services, your ad appears on Google at the very moment the customer is looking for the same. It should be device-friendly. A well-timed ad plays an important role in converting people into valuable customers. Only pay for results, that is, when you get clicks or calls to your website, only then should you pay your ads specialist.

  1. Give your customers the best experience.

Once you have implemented all the marketing strategies, the most important thing is to give customers the best services. A good customer experience helps you in getting valuable feedback. They will even share good reviews over the Internet.


Marketing helps you create a presentation of your services in the customer's mind and makes your business more friendly to the users. There are lots of marketing companies that help your business to take it to a higher level. Some of them are Queueme, Mailchimp, WooCommerce, and Kitomba. Above all, you need to manage your bookings well enough because that will only enable you to grow your business.


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