The future of the accommodation industry

The future of the accommodation industry

Travel Industry News Posted On: 23rd Aug 2022 | Tue | Posted by: Admin

70% hotel bookings occur online today. When Vladimir Lenin said, “There are decades when nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen”, he certainly did not think of how relevant this sentence would be after a few decades! Since 2020, our lives have been a rollercoaster ride. Life before the pandemic seems strange, dream-like, almost. They say change is the only constant, and it is safe to say that this notion applies to the accommodation industry as well.

Changes in the way of living have altered consumer behavior, which in turn has impacted the travel, tourism, and accommodation sectors. Now, only time will tell whether these changes are permanent or temporary. However, preparing for the “New Future” will give the hospitality industry ample time and resources to get back up and rebuild their planning strategies to stay relevant. It must adapt to new values, standards, and regulations that have influenced and will keep influencing our social and consumer behavior. Even though the accommodation industry has faced a severe financial blow due to lockdown measures, closure of boundaries, and travel restrictions, the only way to move forward. Keeping new trends in mind, it should strive to thrive. So, how is the future of the accommodation industry looking for us? Let’s check it out.
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Smart Hotels

A property with the Internet of Things incorporated is bound to excite guests. It makes the whole experience convenient and adds a dash of luxury. Many individuals are incorporating this technology in their own houses, and its demand in hotels is also on the rise.

AI Staff

More and more hotels are incorporating robot staff that gives the customers a comfortable experience without having to interact with strangers. With AI to conduct automated check-ins and checkouts, carry luggage, and participate in-room services, this trend is most likely here to stay.
Sustainable Accommodation

Sustainable Accommodation

With climate change and global warming constantly threatening human existence, a greener society is what everyone wants. This change in attitude is also reflected in the accommodations chosen by the tourists. Eco-friendly, sustainable places of stay with amenities that practice energy-saving and waste management have become more popular.
Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR are no longer limited to gaming and entertainment. They can be implemented in hotels to replace the real world with an AV input while integrating virtual elements in the world we live in. Customers can take a virtual tour of a property before checking in and Societal trends have heavily influenced these changes, so hoteliers must shift from conventional hospitality practices and embrace the latest trends to stay relevant and maintain a booming business.
Besides these trends that are slowly seeping into the accommodation industry, the future is also likely to retain certain trends that have become the norm for the past couple of years. Read on to know more about them.

Flexible Check-ins and Checkouts

Nowadays, travelers are time-efficient. The demand for flexible timings for check-ins and checkouts is on the rise, and even though many hotels are yet to adapt to this change, we can slowly see this trend make its way to the mainstream accommodation industry.

Increased Health and Safety Practices

Love for travel now comes with a cost—a nagging worry about health at the back of themind. Consumers now pay more attention to the hygiene, security, and health procedures implemented by an establishment. If the staff is not transparent and reliable, travelers will not take much time to look elsewhere.
Workations and B-leisures

Workations and B-leisures

With work from home dominating most of the workplaces in the country, more and more people are on the go while working. Workations (work + vacations) and bleisures (business trips + leisures) have been on the rise, and they will continue to stay relevant. Remote working has been efficient and productive, and with a heavenly view outside the window, even sulking employees are bound to take a deep breath and relax. For this to work out, the hospitality industry needs to upgrade its technology and install stable and fast Wi-Fi connections. If the network coverage is anything less than excellent, the establishment is likely to lose guests.


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” - Charles Darwin

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