How to use Bizzo to promote your business on JustDial?

How to use Bizzo to promote your business on JustDial?

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How to Use Bizzo to Promote Your Business on Justdial? 


In India, the unorganised sector employs about 83% of the country’s workforce. According to a recent survey, out of 6.36 crore enterprises, approximately 99.7% are in the informal sector. The informal sector includes businesses such as shopkeepers, domestic workers, and other employment generators who often lack access to advanced tools for business organisation and management. With increasing competition in the same industry, getting your business online (and managing it flawlessly) has become necessary.  


Social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and local search apps like Justdial, have gradually become the channels for discovering many service providers. Let’s look at what makes these mediums lucrative for small businesses.  


Benefits of promoting businesses online 


In the post-Covid world, businesses are starting to choose between physical and online stores. While many are opting for online stores, some businesses continue to shift towards physical stores and are yet to understand the extensive benefits of online marketing. Some of the benefits are listed below.  


  • Specific demographic targeting

  • Instant service for customers 

  • Low operational costs

  • Constant monitoring of results

  • 24/7 marketing 

  • Increased customer convenience 

  • Global marketing 

  • Collection of user data for a custom marketing


With a personalised marketing campaign, any business can expand its services (if it does not require the physical presence of professionals) globally. 

How can Justdial help your business? 

Justdial has slowly become an alternative to the traditional yellow pages for finding services on the web. This online directory platform allows businesses to list themselves to increase their discoverability. In this way, customers can directly connect with the businesses of their choice without any mediator. Check out the following reasons that make Justdial a good fit for B2B and B2C marketing.  


  • Increased visibility

  • Free listing 

  • Premium benefits with a ‘Search Plus’ subscription

  • Real-time Chat Messenger for business and user communication

  • Transactions for every product and service

  • Cross-platform visibility (web app, website, SMS, and mobile application)

  • Location-based services are shown to users


Limitations of manual business management 


If not for applications like Justdial, manually managing your business will demand much more resources, time, and effort. Here are the limitations of manual business management. 


  • Lack of storage space: Paperwork and manual management of business services and marketing can take up a significant amount of storage in your physical office. 



  • Time-consuming: Even with the required expertise, manually managing your business is a complex task that can take up much more time. 


  • Increased cost: Whether you’re opting for paper-based documents or individual software for managing databases, the cost of managing will be higher than automatic online management. 

What is Bizzo? 

Businesses worldwide are competing to make the most of their available resources within budget. Whether you’re operating a small scale business or large scale enterprise, managing many activities at once is no less than a challenge. The icing on the top of this challenge is to handle them without creating chaos at your workplace. Business management software is the best way to organise your business. 


Bizzo is a one-stop application for businesses that need a quick shift to the online world. From creating your online presence to scaling your operations, Bizzo has the right tools for every task that eases your business management process. Without any professional technical expertise, you can create custom booking portals where your customers and target audience can book your services in a few steps. This application helps you establish a solid digital presence for your business to scale its operations at any time and anywhere.  


How is Bizzo used for promoting businesses on Justdial? 

Regardless of the size of your business, Bizzo provides a comprehensive suite of tools for scaling your operations and reaching more people. With the support of this application, you can manage the online bookings for your services and products 24/7, without any interruption. 


More people are inclined towards the offerings of a business that transparently mentions their services and prices on the internet. Bizzo helps you work on this factor by providing a medium to create your personalised digital catalogue. This catalogue of services or products can include the name, description, and price of your offerings. Similarly, you can also mention your availability on your booking portal to provide a smooth booking experience to your customers.  


The bookings from your Justdial account are directly linked to Bizzo. Also, the application consolidates your bookings from every social media account to reduce the clashes in appointments. Some common industries using this application for digitising their business are listed below. 


  • Travel and tourism

  • Personal care

  • Fitness and sports

  • Spiritual 

  • Healing 

  • Hobby instructors 


By creating a quick profile on the application, you can instantly get started with the journey to success. Create your business profile today to get the benefits of social media integration, booking management, and instant discoverability. 

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