How to tap local customers?

How to tap local customers?

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How to Tap Local Customers?

Local customers are the bread and butter of every business. You may plan to launch an international chain, but the first office and the locals will determine your success. Your business may be in the heart of a city, but you may find it difficult to find customers without the right marketing strategy. 


Tapping into local customers is not difficult. You can tap into your local customer base with the following six strategies.

6 Simple Strategies to Attract Local Customers

  • Focus on your Google listing

Google listing has now become a requirement for all businesses. When they hear of a new business, all customers do the same thing: they Google it. Therefore, your business should be listed on Google with appropriate information. 

The Google My Business profile allows you to add all details about the business. This includes the location(s), services, products, pricing, social media profiles, etc. You can also create posts and add photos. 

Google automatically uses this listing when recommending local businesses to users. Therefore, all information you list on the profile should be relevant and true. You should also update your profile regularly and answer questions to increase the credibility of your business.

  • Utilize social media

Having a social media account is no longer enough. Once upon a time, having a static Facebook page was enough to provide all the information a customer needed. You now have to regularly update your profiles to make sure the algorithm does not bury it. 

Being active on your business’s social media accounts can help you connect with customers. Most customers view social media accounts as a gateway to a business’s soul. Therefore, how active you are on the profile will determine the engagement you get.

Like most businesses, you will have to invest time and money in creating unique content. However, being active on social media can pay off. You can follow up with customers, approach potential partners, and provide updates regarding your business. 

  • Focus on content marketing

Most people prefer short social media captions over blog posts and articles. However, this does not mean content marketing has lost its value. Content marketing can be a great strategy to convert local customers.

Optimizing your website and blogs with local SEO can help you rank in local searches. Local SEO keywords are based on millions of searches conducted in the physical vicinity of your business. This means these are keywords that people closest to your business are searching for.

You can use SEO tools that are oriented to the location to build your local SEO strategy. These can then be used in all parts of your digital presence – websites, guest posts and even social media posts.

  • Collaborate with local favorites

 If you find it difficult to penetrate the local market, collaboration is a great idea. You can collaborate with local, non-competing businesses to increase engagement. Partnerships and collaborations positively affect both businesses, and therefore most people are open to them.

This strategy can take some trial and error because not all influencers or businesses may be the right fit for your business. 

Collaboration can be done in a variety of methods. You can collaborate by promoting each other’s products on social media platforms. Alternatively, it can be something as simple as sharing each other’s website links. You should decide what aligns with your business needs.

  • Location-optimize your profiles

Location optimization is the key to all strategies. All content you create, post and share should be location optimized. Some methods you can do this are:

  1. Location tags in the metadata of your posts.

  2. Adding a location in social media profiles and CTAs 

  3. Creating interactive location sharing that auto-plans the best route to the location.

Location optimizing your content helps search engine algorithms. When a customer searches for a service “near me,” your business will be recommended.


  • Localize your advertisements

Many advertising groups and services provide filtering by IP. Therefore, when you use the service, your ads are only shown to customers who are close to your location. These are targeted ads that can give you much higher engagement.

Facebook, Google, and many other advertising groups provide this service. Local paid ad campaigns are beneficial because they are targeted toward customers already looking for the service. You do not need to convince them to use the service. You only need to convince them to choose you over your competitors. 


Marketing your services to local customers is not very hard. These six tactics can help you establish your business’ digital presence. You will also have to foster the relationships you make as your business grows. 

You can gain an insight into what the local customers like by following local SEO keyword trends. This will ensure your business remains ‘in’ and you can continue tapping into local customers to grow your business.


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