How to register on GMB and Google hotel ads?

How to register on GMB and Google hotel ads?

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GMB (Google my business)

Every business can be registered on Google My Business, even if it doesn't have a physical location. A properly optimized business profile can be a huge plus to your business. It will not only reflect your best features, but will also make consumers comfortable about contacting your business.

How to Register on GMB

1) Google Account

The first step is to create a Google account for your business. You can also use your personal Gmail account.

2) Business Profile

  • Search Google My Business on the search engine.
  • Now, click on the link that takes you to the page - “Google Business Profile - Get Listed on Google.”
  • The page gets opened with the website - “”
  • where you have to click the button “Manage now.”
  • Then another tab gets opened where you have to type your business name and then click on Add your business to Google.
  • Now, the next step is to build your business profile, in which you have to enter your business name, business category, and other basic information like “Do you want to add a location or not” and things like that. And then it asks you to enter some more basic information. Then you need to verify your address, which could take up to 2 weeks.

3) Google My Business Account

Once it gets verified, you can click on the “Sign in” button on the website, where you find a dashboard asking for some basic information like your business hours, basic job description, website, phone number, and delivery area. It is also very important to add some photos as this is what attracts people to your business page. So, now when you search your business on Google Maps also, It will come up with your address, reviews, photos, and some basic information about your business.

4) Request to claim your business profile

You can do this in one of two ways.

Claim request method 1: Search for your business name and location on Google. Then find “Own this business?” and select it. Click manage now and follow the prompts to claim your business.

Claim request method 2: 
Go to
Type in your business name.
Click on your business profile, which will expand.
You’ll then see an option to “claim this business”.
Click manage now and follow the prompts.

5) Verify ownership of your business

After clicking on “manage now”, you will be asked to provide information to prove you are the rightful owner of the business. After verification, you can now manage reviews, update information, add more attractive details, and optimize it for successful local marketing.

Google Hotel Ads

Google Ads show your business to customers in such a way that whenever people search for your products and services, your Ad appears on Google at that very moment. A well-timed Ad plays an important role in converting people into valuable customers.

Let us know how Google Ads work

Step 1: Creating your Ad account

Go to the Google Ads homepage and create a new Google Ads account. Use your hotel's official email address or the account which is active.

Step 2: Choose your advertising goals

Tell them your goal. Google Ads specialists will design your Ads based on your needs. Google Ads can help you with any of the advertising goals you choose.

Get more calls to your business.

Get more visits to your store.

Move people to your website.

Step 3: Describe your business

Mention your business name and add the link to your website.

Also add your hotel details in this step.

Step 4: Select your target audience

Decide where to advertise. Mention the geographical location where you would like to show your Ads. Google will show those Ads to the people searching for that particular location,  whether it's local or global.

Step 5:- Add your business specifications

Create your message. Highlight what's best about your business by writing in the form of sentences or by adding images.

Step 6: Set your budget cap

You will never have to pay more than the monthly budget cap. And also, you can pause or adjust this budget cap anytime. Google will also show you estimated results for your budget.Do keep in mind that you only have to pay when you get clicks on your Ad or call for your business.

Step 7: Go live

Google will show your Ads to people whenever they search for your products and services. Your Ads will appear on both Google search and Maps.

You can grow your business through Google Ads. When you compare the cost of Google Ads with other marketing strategies, you will find Google Ads to be more budget-friendly.Your profile will get designed with high-quality photos and videos which can attract consumers and convert them into valuable customers. This is the platform that attracts people to your business and increases your revenue gradually.


Every business should get registered on Google My Business(GMB) as well as on Google Ads. These are the best marketing strategies that help you to reach new customers, reconnect with the previous ones, and make your business known worldwide.


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