How to create your own logo in minutes?

How to create your own logo in minutes?

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How To Create Your Logo in Minutes


Your logo is an essential part of your brand identity; it is the introduction of your business to potential customers. A good logo can make you look like a professional even if you are starting out, while a bad one can make you look like an amateur even if you have years of experience. A well-designed logo piques the customers’ interest and can encourage them to take a closer look at your brand.


While you can always contact digital marketing and media production companies like “Bizzo” who will help you pursue strategic initiatives in marketing by the integration of creative assets with intelligent data analysis and collection, you may want to try your hand at creating the perfect logo yourself with an online logo maker.


What is a Logo Maker, and what does it do?


Quite simply, logo makers/logo creators/logo generators are all online web-based applications that are easy to use and allow you to create a professional logo in minutes. A logo maker uses artificial intelligence to create a logo based on your preference and industry. It considers advanced design trends like the golden ratio to give you a ready-to-use logo. Most often, such websites also allow you to change everything from the colour to the font and template to get a truly personalised result.


Here are a few free sites that allow you to create well-thought-out and professional-looking logos without the price tag that is usually attached to them.


It is one of the best AI-powered tools you can use for your business. It allows you to choose up to 5 specific icons that you like right at the beginning. It will enable the application to create a more relevant logo for you and your business. With its attractive default options, you can try out different logo variations to find the one you like best.


Key Highlights of Looka

  • Delivers a custom logo with the use of AI.

  • It is a powerful logo editor.

  • You can download the entire brand kit from vector files to creative business card designs.


One of the most valuable tools for anything to do with images, Canva has a wide variety of logo designs and templates categorised according to the industry, making it easier for you to find one based on your industry. Canva also lets you update your files onto the site to add already existing brand elements to the new logo.

Key Highlights of Canva

  • It is a very intuitive logo generator

  • Easy to use

  • Wide variety of templates

  • Robust picture editor

  • Free printable PDF and PNG images


This is a straightforward and easy-to-use logo creator by Shopify. It has a very well-designed user interface allowing even beginners to create an excellent logo template with just a few clicks of a button.


Key Highlights of Hatchful

  • Easy to use and intuitive design studio

  • Hundreds of templates for you to choose from

  • Allows you to customise your logo based on your industry



This is another fantastic logo-designing software that has an easy-to-use UI. Most of the features and options for this tool are available in a sidebar to the left, which allows you to customise everything for your logo.


Key Highlights of GraphicSprings

  • Intuitive and easy to use

  • Wide range of fonts, shapes, and colours to choose from

  • Logos can be downloaded in several different formats



Brandmark is a powerful graphic design tool that makes designing your business’ logo a breeze. It has hundreds of design assets that help you create a customised professional looking logo in no time. You can also create letterheads, business cards, and other visual content that you need for your company. 


Key Highlights of Brandmark

  • Wholly customisable designs

  • Very easy to use interface

  • Export your design from the application in multiple formats such as PDF, PNG, EPS, and SVG.

  • It makes the process of logo designing easier with the help of AI tools.



This logo designer helps you set your business apart from your competition by allowing you to create a stunning logo that solidifies your brand’s image. Alongside you can create flyers, business cards, book covers, business cards, and everything else you may need to create a cohesive brand image. 


Highlights of Placeit

  • Allows you to create gaming logos, logos for YouTube, fitness logos, image croppers, and musical project logos.

  • It even allows you to create simple yet effective videos to promote your business.

  • Create and edit all of your images and videos from a cloud-based browser.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get a head start over your competition with an easy-to-concrete professional-looking logo from any one of these websites. We are always there to help you with all the other aspects of digital marketing.


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