How to click impressive pics for your website?

How to click impressive pics for your website?

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How to click impressive pics for your website

Photos are extremely important when it comes to creating an online presence, as most people tend to make snap judgments on web pages based solely on the way they look. In fact, these instant judgments are usually made within the first few seconds of seeing them. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can employ in order to create photos that will not only make your website look fantastic but will also help with your conversion rates and ultimately lead to more sales and profit. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Try a New Location

To take a great picture, you need an interesting location. Head out of your house or office and hit some local hot spots. You don’t need much in terms of props or special lighting. In fact, just an interesting backdrop can make all the difference between a so-so image and a killer shot. And while there are plenty of ways to create DIY backgrounds, sometimes it’s more fun to just find something cool that’s already in place. 

Use local graffiti as a backdrop for product shots. Find abandoned (but safe) buildings and snap photos along with their textures and decaying features. Shoot on your front porch with neighbors watching (they’ll be curious enough to stop by later). Or go to public parks or plazas at night and take pictures of people walking by (you never know who might be famous!). The possibilities are endless!

If possible, try taking multiple shots from different angles: Not only will it give you more options when editing later on, but if you can get different shots in one trip, then you won't have to head back over again!

  1. Understanding the Difference in Various Lighting Angles

Without proper lighting, your subject can end up looking flat and unappealing. Harsh sunlight is one of photography’s biggest enemies, so make sure you’re using a diffuser or moving your shoot indoors. If you’re shooting outdoors, be sure to bring along extra bulbs and reflectors in case of bad weather. Natural light helps in clicking good photographs, so try shooting outside during daylight hours whenever possible. 

If you’re stuck shooting indoors or at night, turn on as many lights as you can find and use your flash sparingly. If your camera has a timer function, set it to take two pictures: One with you in it (you can get creative with these photos later) and one without. With practice, you’ll be able to capture beautiful shots every time! 

If you want to show off your photos in their best light, you need to take into account several factors: where your lights are positioned, how much light you’re aiming at your subject, and what kind of light it is (tungsten vs. fluorescent, for example).

  1. Composition is Key

Take a look at your favorite magazine covers, album art, or movie posters. Most likely, what you’ll notice is that these photos are composed and styled impeccably. If you want your website’s images to have that same polished look, it’s important to plan out your shots. It helps if you break things down into easy-to-follow steps and have your subjects follow them, too. In fact, it will help keep everything looking uniform and professional across all of your pictures. 

Consider including elements like color contrast and light placement when framing your shot.  If you are unsure, you can always look at online tutorials to understand essential concepts for composition like the rule of thirds, balance, complementary colors, symmetry, lines and shapes & texture, negative space, lighting and shadows, and depth.

  1. Use Action to Liven up Your Pics

Using action in your photos is an easy way to give your pics energy and interest. Find a subject (or subjects) that you can add movement or activity into. It can be as simple as adding people running, dancing, playing sports, or even just doing their daily jobs like carrying groceries or walking with a dog. Whatever it is you’re shooting, figure out a way for your image to convey movement and action. This will not only help you attract viewers but will also make your pictures stand out from all of those other photos on Google Images!

Remember: Pictures may be worth 1,000 words, but one bad picture is worth none at all. Don't let poorly taken photos leave a wrong impression on potential clients!

The Bottom Line

When it comes to your website, you want to make sure that every element of it looks professional and high-quality. This means that your site will be more likely to attract the right kind of customers and will look more credible to search engines and social media sites as well. One of the most important ways you can accomplish this look is by taking impressive photos, whether they are behind-the-scenes shots or product images, by following these tips for how to take amazing pictures for your website.


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