How to break free from the golden cage of aggregators?

How to break free from the golden cage of aggregators?

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The digital age has given a boom to many startups and e-commerce businesses. When starting out, most of these new businesses look to cut down their operation costs and have better monetization options. These and other benefits like competitive pricing and convenience are provided by aggregators. 

Having an already established name, aggregators also have the potential to help new businesses reach a larger audience faster. However, the aggregator business model is a golden cage that attracts and traps with its benefits, and most business owners fail to see the cons. In this article, we will address some cons of working with  aggregators  and help you learn how to be self reliant.

Role of aggregators

Aggregators provide a platform for e-commerce businesses, startups and service providers by promoting  products and services  on one platform for end consomer’s easy access. They compile and integrate exclusive offers from market competitors and sell them to buyers through a centralised website.

Cons of the aggregator-based business model

• High commission fees - Some platforms may charge exuberantly in exchange for providing the services as well as on each sale.

Industry-specific platform - All products and services on an aggregator platform belong to a single industry, for example, taxi providers, online flights, etc.

• Products sold under the aggregator’s brand name - Your brand will not have an identity of its own.

• High competition - You’ll be pitted against your competitors on a complex platform with little or no control.

• Dependency for traffic - You’ll be dependent on the aggregator for traffic and sale of your products or services.



5 ways to break free from the golden cage of aggregators

It is better to break free from the golden cage of aggregators and make some efforts to build your own brand. Here are five ways to do that:
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1. Build your website

India’s e-commerce market will reach US$ 111 billion by 2024 (1). To tap into this enormous potential with full control, you must have a website that is exclusive to your business and represents your brand. Ensure that your website is presentable, as this can significantly affect your business' success, no matter the field.
A website can help in building your brand's credibility. Building your company's website gives you the freedom to showcase your products the way you want. Bizzo can help you create a fully functional website to list your services, help you manage inventories, summarize your bookings, run promotions to attract customers and eventually scale up your profits. You can get the opportunity to build a relationship with your customers and have constructive conversations that can help you grow towards your goals.
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2. Advertise independently

Find independent ways to advertise your brand. Advertising is necessary if you want to grow your company's marketing. It allows you to reach a massive amount of relevant and targeted audiences. 

Advertising independently without going through an aggregator will let you choose how you want to present your products. Aggregators have limited access provided to their clients. 

If you have your own independent space for advertising, it will give you a free place to experiment with what fits you and what does not. In addition, you can promote your brand via social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc. 

You can also use traditional advertising styles like hoardings, television commercials, and newspaper advertisements to reach large audiences.


3. Create your email list

Email marketing can be more effective than social media advertisements, as it is more personal when sent via email. With the help of email marketing, you can send a bulk of messages to your customers or potential clients to promote your company. 

The emails can consist of advertisements, the latest offers, brand information, etc. Email marketing can provide you with instant results with a very professional approach. It can also help you boost sales and strengthen your relationship with the customers.


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4. Build a customer loyalty program

Loyalty programs provide the customers with special offers and good trendy deals with extra discounts. Therefore, it helps encourage the customers to spend more to gain better benefits. 

When the customer purchases something with an excellent offer and pleasant experience, they get tempted to keep shopping. Great deals can also help in boosting your business, as you can even use them as a promotion strategy. 

A good loyalty program will attract the customers to spend more and buy more often. Hence, building a customer loyalty program is an excellent tactic to retain your existing customers and great for attracting newer ones.


Final Words

Today, consumers expect to get what they want as easily and quickly as possible, and your job is to make that journey hassle-free. Customer satisfaction will assist you in expanding your business and reaching your ambitions. 

Using an aggregator can be helpful if you are new and need some help, but working without an aggregator might prove beneficial in the long run. It gives you the freedom to choose exactly how you want to go about your things. 

Working without an aggregator is like having all the strings in your hand. Having control of your business will help you promote your brand in itself rather than taking support of another. 

In an aggregate model, you don't have much control over the customer experience and limited access to your own business. By breaking free from the golden cage of aggregators, you decide to take the reins of your business into your own hands.


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