How can I automate my business with Bizzo?

How can I automate my business with Bizzo?

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How Can I Automate My Business with Bizzo



In the current digital business market, automation is the critical thread that is proving to be instrumental in turning your business into a successful one. In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, digital automation has proved its mettle in various fields of business.

Major players in the business environment have swiftly shifted to digital and automated modes, from McDonald's QR based ordering system to Big Bazaar's two-hour home delivery with live tracking.

The government's positive reinforcements and incentive schemes have encouraged a favourable shift towards opening new enterprises in recent years. Companies having a digital medium of operations have been highly profitable compared to their peers. Additionally, experts claim that only 30% of enterprises are working on an offline-only model. 

The reach of the digital medium is increasing with every passing day. It has become essential for businesses to have a digital presence; they are equipping themselves with highly efficient and automated systems for digital viability.

While major businesses have quickly adapted to the whole scenario, the progress of small businesses in the optimum utilisation of digital automation is slow. It may be due to the restriction of finances or lack of requisite information. 

Therefore, the need of the hour is cost-effective and user-friendly automation and invoicing systems that helps all the players reap the benefits of technological advancement. 

That is where Bizzo enters the scene. They offer services that allow people to automate their business in the simplest possible way.


The Bizzo Belief

Intermediaries continue to dominate India's enormous population of SMEs service providers due to the latter's immense lack of digital knowledge and competencies. Entrepreneurs now realise that they have to develop their abilities to cope with the growing competition and cut down the go-betweens. 

Bizzo acts as an assisting partner in improving the systems for entrepreneurs, and empowering them with highly efficient automation systems. This aspect enables businesses to interact with clients and build a customer base directly. 

Bizzo strives to be an efficient partner in business automation. It works towards reducing extra costs arising out of relying on third parties.

How Bizzo Can Help

If your business relates to any of the following segment, they are the perfect fit for your needs:

  • Accomodation
  • Transportation
  • Tourism and Holidays
  • Fitness Related 
  • Sports
  • Personal Care and Grooming
  • Hobby Instructor
  • Spiritual and Experience
Our expertise in these sectors helps build a world-class business automation service for your business. And what's more, we are expanding our proficiency to touch more bases.

What Bizzo Does for You

Bizzo provides an application that allows you to build a customisable website in three simple steps. It offers a detailed list of services. It can integrate with your calendar and automatically change pricing, availability, take payments and reflect the staff’s performance.

Business owners can now sit back and watch the show while Bizzo allows them to take bookings and expand their business. It can do wonders for your business as it enables efficient time management for business owners and clients.

Bizzo also helps you integrate queries and booking requests from various social media portals. You can also link reviews from other websites onto Bizzo.

It can act as an impeccable customer management system by combining appointment scheduling, review, invoicing, billing, loyalty programmes, and personalised customer page in a single system. Thus, it enables the proper delivery of services to each client.

With customers having 24/7 access to sellers competing with you, you must be available round-the-clock to retain clients. Otherwise, you are missing out on the business opportunity. However, you need not keep your offices open 24/7. 

All you need is Bizzo to take care of your business. It integrates the different aspects of booking confirmation into a preset system. The customer gets the confirmation, and you remain available 24/7 for booking. 

Bizzo will also help you personalise your service by presenting all the previous records of customers with preferences and a register of various occasion dates of the customer.


The major problem with Indian businesses is that most of them start in an unorganised way. Some manage to grow out of it, but the majority stay the same or fail when unable to cope. 

Today, digitisation has reached almost everywhere in the form of handheld devices. Hence, enterprises must adapt and come at par with their peers in the organised sector. 

Adopting modern business methods will help our local businesses achieve outstanding growth in business potential. It may also aid in overall economic development and create employment opportunities. 

Such enterprises need impeccable services from a partner that can understand the business needs and align them with customer requirements. 

Bizzo is this partner that creates a sophisticated, world-class front end system for businesses. Take a trial of our services, and you will understand the difference.



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