How Bizzo helps you make more profits?

How Bizzo helps you make more profits?

Grow your business Posted On: 2nd Aug 2022 | Tue | Posted by: Admin

It is essential to have better control over your business in today's competitive ecosystem. Just relying on the offline medium is already a thing of the past. 

According to a Nokia-Mbit report, the internet user base in India has doubled in the past five years to 76.5 crore users. It is expected that the number of internet users in the country will continue to grow in the coming years.

There have been many popular platforms that have emerged as marketplaces and aggregators across industries. 

However, relying on marketplaces and aggregator platforms take a big chunk of your margins and may make it unviable. At the same time, you are competing with many other sellers trying to woo the same consumer.

In an ideal scenario, a business should balance offline and online presence, i.e. physical presence, online presence on marketplaces, and standalone presence on the web by way of a mobile app or website.

Managing and establishing all these channels can become a challenge for a small business owner. While offline presence is a traditional medium that most businesses already have and marketplaces have no or low set-up cost, your standalone online presence can burn a hole in your pocket.

To overcome this hurdle, you can use BizzO and create our free online store in just a few clicks. 

BizzO is a platform that allows you to create a standalone, customised booking portal for your services. As you are in charge of your web presence, it equips you to drive your business profitably without much hassle.


Here is how BizzO can help you make more profits:

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What is BizzO?

Bizzo is an app for digitising all service based businesses. It allows you to get your own booking website instantly, receive bookings and payments 24*7 and save aggregator commissions by selling directly. BizzO can be used by service providers like accommodation, transportation, tour operators, sightseeing, fitness, sports, personal care, spiritual, hobby instructors, and more. With BizzO on your side, regular tasks like invoice and voucher generation, refunds, rescheduling, or payment collection can be automated. This helps you invest your time and resources in driving your business further.
How can BizzO help you make more profits

How can BizzO help you make more profits?

BizzO can be the online window of your business to tap, track and manage bookings and customer experience. BizzO can help your business with its easy user interface and multiple solutions in more than a few ways. Here are some of the ways BizzO can help you make more profits:

• Better control: With BizzO on your side, you have better control over your business. Rather than relying on marketplaces and aggregators with numerous sellers, the customised platform created using BizzO is solely about your business. With better control, you can decide the course and roadmap for business growth.

• Branding: Rather than getting lost in the sea of sellers on various marketplaces and aggregator platforms, you can rely on the customised solution from BizzO to create better branding for your business. As you can create a standalone presence with BizzO, you can provide a dedicated customer experience resulting in an improved perception of your business.

• Better service: You can provide round-the-clock support to your customers with the customised platform created using BizzO. This, in turn, helps in driving your profits as you can establish a better connection with the customer. You can also provide better service to the customer without any restrictions.

• Efficiency: Using BizzO to handle your online presence enables you to bring more efficiency into your business operations. You can handle leads and bookings from multiple sources from a single window and automate regular tasks. As you expand your online presence, you can easily manage the entire business from your website.


How to use BizzO?

How to use BizzO?

It is straightforward to use BizzO for your online presence. You can follow the following steps to use BizzO for your business:

- Download the BizzO app from the Play Store

- Sign up with basic details

- Enter your business details

- Upload your service inventory

- Personalise your website template and go live

- Start managing your business operations and start growing


BizzO can play a critical role in establishing the online presence of your business. BizzO can help you create a single window on the internet for your customers.
You can manage a variety of services your business offers with BizzO. With plans starting from as low as zero rupees, you can use Bizzo today and get your business online in seconds.


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