Google my business- 10 key optimisations for better results

Google my business- 10 key optimisations for better results

How to promote your business online Posted On: 23rd Aug 2022 | Tue | Posted by: Admin

Google My Business (GMB) is a free feature provided by Google to help business owners to manage their digital reputation. According to Google’s report, the number of people looking for businesses “near me” has increased by over 200% within the past two years. Despite this rapid increase, less than 50% of viewers visited the website. The problem here isn’t Google’s Algorithm. It’s the optimization of the GMB profile.

Many businesses aren't taking full advantage of this feature. We have found the top 10 GMB optimizations that can significantly impact the business reputation. Top 10 Google My Business Optimizations:

● Claim your GMB Profile

Even though you haven't created a profile, your business may already be listed on Google. It is often the result of customers who have given information about your business. You may find photos, videos, reviews, or other information about your business and services. Therefore, you need not start from scratch. Instead, claim this listing to ensure there are no duplicates. You should verify the information already provided.

● Verify your contact information

Contact information is a vital part of the profile. Therefore, all information you provide should be identical to your business. This includes providing the same name, business address, and phone number. When verifying your contact information, you should ensure they are the same. For example, even a difference as small as “Co.” or “company” can affect the credibility. Google’s algorithm takes inconsistency into account when assessing your business’s credibility.
Google my business - Add your products and services

● Add your products and services

Once you have verified your profile, the first thing to do is add your products and services. This feature is a must if your business name does not directly identify what services you provide. GMB allows you to provide a comprehensive overview of your services. You should include a name, a description as well as the prices you are charging.

● Create a unique business description

The section is a crisp summary of your business and its services. A brief description of your business shown in the lower section of the profile is designed to help the reader. Therefore, Google's algorithm considers the information given here to be important. This description should not be more than 750 characters. Of these, the first 250 are the most important. Focus on these words and ensure they provide a clear idea of your business. 
Google my business - Publish relevant photographs

● Publish relevant photographs

High-quality photographs can significantly improve your engagement. According to Google, you should include six types of photos. This includes exterior, interior, product photos, photos of people at work, common areas, and team photos. It is recommended to also include the thumbnail photo and the logo of your business.

● Interact with users

Google reviews are a key ranking factor for Google’s algorithm. These are displayed at the forefront of the profile and showcase your business. You should collect reviews on your profile. Reply to the reviews with thoughtful and relevant information. This will help you improve your SEO, as the algorithm also matches keywords used in reviews for your ranking.

● Create Google posts

Similar to Instagram and Facebook, GMB also allows you to make posts. These are shown in the Updates section. You can create posts regarding your services and events. Use this section for marketing campaigns with a timeline. You should also include CTAs in every post. By regularly posting in this section, you can boost your profile’s SEO.
Google my business - Create a relevant Q&A section

● Create a relevant Q&A section

The Questions & Answers section can either make or break your profile. In many cases, customers may drop a question or two on your profile. Answering these questions can help you reduce misinformation about your business. Another user might reply with “I don’t know” to the question. This reduces the credibility of the answer. But when you answer directly, you can be sure no wrong information is given.

● Set up messaging service

Just like other social media profiles where customers can send you messages, GMB offers messaging features. Use this feature to get in touch with users and provide answers. This might not help boost the SEO of your profile. However, it will ensure the algorithm does not mark your profile as “inactive”.
Google my business - Maintain your profile

● Maintain your profile

The last, and the most important, method of optimization is maintenance. Just like any other social profile, your GMB profile needs to be updated regularly. We recommend setting alerts to keep up with new questions and reviews. Update your profile every time you change business timings, pricing or services.

Last words

Just like your business needs an SEO strategy to tackle your website’s ranking, your business also needs a strategy to tackle your GMB Profile. By leveraging this profile, you can easily become the top-recommended business. GMB has become an essential marketing tactic that can pay off and help you attract local customers. So, get started on your profile immediately.


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