Eight ways you can  use WhatsApp to promote tour business

Eight ways you can use WhatsApp to promote tour business

How to promote your business online Posted On: 23rd Aug 2022 | Tue | Posted by: Admin

WhatsApp is a popular app for communication, but little is known about its usefulness in promoting businesses. Only 7% of marketers use WhatsApp for business purposes. WhatsApp may seem like just another messaging app, but it has many excellent tools to promote your business and build relationships with customers. Another advantage is that it’s a free application.
If you’re considering using WhatsApp to promote your business, here are a few tips on effectively using the platform:
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1. Open a business page on WhatsApp

Like other social media platforms, WhatsApp also allows you to open a business page on the app. The profile you set up will give important information to your customers like description, website, contact details, and location. WhatsApp also allows you to add a catalogue. The catalogue allows you to upload all your products in bulk so that the users can go through all your offerings. This tool makes it easy for the users to get an idea of your brand offerings and what to purchase from your business.
When you create a business page on WhatsApp, you can increase the number of customers who interact with your business by using WhatsApp. If you set up a catalogue, the users will be able to see your products before their attention gets diverted. The catalogue can be used to entice users by putting your most popular products and a display of products.

2. Create an appealing persona for your brand

The next part of promoting your business on WhatsApp is creating an appealing persona for your brand. Since you will be using the application to reach out to customers, they should be able to identify your brand immediately. Your brand character or persona must be engaging to represent your brand in the right way. Remember, people do not like to chat with brands or businesses that are impersonal.

3. Build a contact database

The next step is to build a list of customers you must reach out to. Remember, you simply cannot send messages to consumers with whom you do not have an affiliation. You should be invited by them to become their contact. To communicate with customers on WhatsApp, you need a phone number, and to get that, you need to give them something in return for their number. This could be a freebie, promotion, valuable information, or a free service.

4. Offer relevant content

Once you have built your phone list, the next step is to engage with your customers. WhatsApp is a widely used application with a higher engagement rate than other social  media platforms. Hence, you need to offer them unique, relevant, and engaging content to keep them engaged.
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5. Try to lessen your response time

You can engage with customers through WhatsApp Business. By using a chatbot, you can automate your messages so that your users get their questions answered quickly. It’s essential to deliver swift customer support to build trust and keep your customers happy. Ensure that you have adequate resources to deal with customer queries immediately. The worst thing you could do is not respond to them for hours.

6. Consumer research and feedback

WhatsApp is an effective and inexpensive platform that you can use to research. And generate feedback. You can ask your consumers to choose between various options like colours or flavours that you are planning to launch. Also, instead of calling your customers and asking for feedback, you can create a set of questions for your WhatsApp group. With the feedback, you can reply to their requests and improve your products and the services you provide.
You can also try developing entertaining and creative questionnaires so that you can interact with your customers in a way that is not intrusive. You can then reward them with coupons and special offers. This helps to build long-term customer retention and brand loyalty.
whatsapp business app status feature

7. Leverage the WhatsApp status feature

This feature on WhatsApp is a great tool for seeing what is happening in your customers’ life at a particular point in time. This helps to give you a better understanding of what to do next. Using the status update feature, you can also share photos or flash advertisements to draw attention. Since this feature comes with 24-hour status availability, it’s a great tool to promote your business.

8. Share flash sales and promotional codes

You can create exciting flash sales and offer your customers promotional codes that they can use when purchasing from your business. Using the location and instant photo feature, status lets everyone in the group know about the flash sales or promotions you are currently running.
WhatsApp continues to develop, with more interesting features being added every once in a while. It’s a great application to use along with other social media platforms to promote and grow your business.

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