Benefits of automating service bookings

Benefits of automating service bookings

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For any business, timely service bookings can make or break a deal. Imagine you run a hotel business. A customer calls you to book a room for three days. However, the customer service representative is unaware of the number of available rooms. He takes a long time to confirm the room availability. In the meantime, what does the customer do? They drop off the call, fed up due to the long waiting time.
Does it happen with your business? If so, you can take the help of an online booking app to automate your service bookings. In the above case of a hotel business, automated service bookings can help you assess the room availability online and assign it quickly. The customer need not reach out to you over the phone; instead, they can select a room online with the click of a button. Automating your service bookings come with various benefits. Let’s see how.

Top 6 Benefits of Automating Your Service Bookings

When you automate your service bookings, you can enhance lead generation, ensure hassle-free booking, lower the setup costs, and provide quality customer service. Let’s understand these benefits in detail.

● Enhance Lead Generation

With automated service bookings, your probability of lead generation goes up. More customers can easily find you online via the service booking app. Most service booking apps allow you to integrate your social media on a single platform. In this way, you get access to a broad customer base from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

● Ensure Hassle-Free Booking

Automated booking through an online app is comparatively easier than manual booking over calls. Your customer just needs to install the booking app, and they can see all your offerings on a single platform. They can instantly book the service without the help of a customer service executive. Even when travelling, they can book your service with less effort.

Analyse Your Business Performance

● Analyse Your Business Performance

Service booking apps come with analytics tools to analyse your business performance. For instance, you can understand the number of customers checking your services, customers who made it to the checkout page, why some customers drop out from the checkout page, and more. With a clear understanding of the above scenarios, you can better market your offerings or improve your customer service.

● Lower Setup Costs

App-based automatic service bookings are relatively easy to set up. From a business owner's perspective, you just need to create your account by filling in your basic details on the service booking app. Then, you can add different channels of service booking like social media, email, and more. From a customer perspective, they can book a service at their desired time from a selected place by just logging into the app or website. In this way, the customer wait time reduces, and the customer satisfaction level increases.

● Better Customer Service

Research shows that 89% of consumers will make a repeated purchase from a brand after a positive customer service experience. Automated service bookings help the consumers make independent decisions by navigating through the app. Manually guiding the customers can be a time-consuming task. Instead, your customers can choose from a list of services before purchasing one. They need not wait for the customer service representative to guide them through the offerings.

Flexible Payment System

● Flexible Payment System

Automated service booking apps provide you with flexibility in payments. Customers can make payments through debit cards, credit cards, UPI (United Payment Interface), Amazon Pay, etc. They can also choose to pay you offline. In this way, you have a clear idea of your revenue source and make better business plans. For instance, if you own an accommodation business, you can claim compensation from a customer if they cancel a room at the last moment. Hence, the flexible payment system is an adequate cover during unforeseen circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Overall, automating your service bookings can increase the visibility of your business and help you generate more revenue. Your customers can easily book your service through multiple channels, enhancing your lead generation potential. You just need your basic business details to set up an account on the automated service booking apps. In addition, most service booking apps provide rich analytics tools to analyse your customer behaviour. For instance, you can understand why customers are not going beyond a checkout page to make a purchase. Further, automating your service bookings provides the flexibility of payments to customers. Customers can pay on time for using your services andreduce defaults. Similarly, you can ensure a regular income stream and plan on expanding your business.


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