Aggregator vs. Bizzo

Aggregator vs. Bizzo

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Aggregator Vs Bizzo

For any business to go live and prosper, it is important to set up a method to make online and offline bookings seamlessly. An aggregator and Bizzo are two of the best approaches for making the bookings on the go. In this article, we will talk about the subtle differences between these two approaches so that you can make the best choice aligning with your business needs.

What is an Aggregator?

An aggregator platform is a website or application that aggregates multiple offers and sells them to consumers from a single place. It creates partnerships with the businesses so that a collective service functions from one brand.

The aggregator platform earns profit from the customers accessing the services with standard pricing. After acquiring customers, the aggregator platform earns commissions from selling the goods and services. An aggregator finalises the price to the end-user on the platform after a minimum price is quoted for their products. The ultimate aim is to offer the users the best quality offers from one place at the best price without setting up separate accounts. As the service provider integrates different payment gateways, the business merchant need not have a merchant account.

What is Bizzo Booking Platform?

Bizzo is the customized booking portal for digitizing the bookings, receiving payments round the clock, and saving commissions for the aggregator by making a direct sale. It offers a digital catalog of the services a business is offering and links the pricing and availability for a 24x7 online booking experience to the customers. Bizzo platform consolidates bookings from the social media platforms: Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, Justdial and WhatsApp from a single app. Additionally, it automates bookings, making voucher confirmations, invoicing, payment collections, rescheduling and refunds.

Aggregator Vs Bizzo: Key Differences

We have introduced you to both Aggregator and Bizzo. Let us look at the main differences between them:

1. Pricing

Aggregators work on large gaps in price ranges that vary with quality and the terms defined before signing a contract. Aggregators can offer standard prices and have the liberty to set their prices.

Bizzo booking platform has clearly defined two pricing models: Basic and Premium for the beginners and advanced users priced at Rs.0 and Rs.299 per month including distinct perks for each such as making bookings, serving coupons, custom domain, managing inventory, and analytics.

2.    Contract

An aggregator platform starts working after signing a contract between the aggregator and the service provider having the partnership terms. In partnership terms, both parties focus on offering quality products to the customers and aggregators focus on marketing and creating leads.

Bizzo app offers a centralised platform for every user to make the bookings at their own pace and choose from the digital catalog that it offers. So, there is no need to make a contract between the parties.

3.     Competition

The aggregator model works alongside the partners. It may be tough to manage as the same partners work for the business competitors. It works on a two-fold customer strategy where it has to offer to its consumers and treat its partners as other consumers.

Bizzo is an independent and direct-to-consumer platform where each user or consumer performs the functions or makes the bookings at his own pace.

4.     Industry

All the aggregator offering providers belong to the same industry as it collects the offerings from a single industry and aggregates them under one brand.

Bizzo has its offerings for multiple industries where it offers its booking services to the accommodation, fitness and sports, hobby instructors, personal care, sightseeing, spiritual & healing, and tour operators.

5.     Brand Building

The aggregator model is primarily focused on building a brand and developing it. It operates by making deep research to attract customers and offers them the services at a marginal quality and price.

Bizzo is a brand that works 24x7 for making bookings and payments and getting the website booking instantly and making a direct sale.


Aggregators and Bizzo are two distinct business models for booking. An aggregator works by aggregating multiple offers to the consumers. Bizzo is a customized booking portal that lets you automate the tasks related to making the bookings such as generating invoices, collecting payments, rescheduling, integrating APIs and serving coupons. With this article, we have tried to make the best distinction between these two concepts by explaining all the key points.

Thinking of making a booking, think Bizzo!


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