7 ways to delight your customers

7 ways to delight your customers

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Is the customer retention rate of your online business low? Are you losing customers to your competitors? Are you facing low incoming customers? If that's the case, you might think that your online business is spiraling into a deep gorge. 

But hey, don't worry! If there’s a problem, there are solutions to it. This article covers different ways to delight your customers, win them back, and achieve more.

Before we jump to the core of this article, here's a minor backdrop as to why this article could be vital for your online retail business. 

By 2030, India's e-commerce market will reach USD 350 billion. The humongous figures underline the high competitiveness in the online retail business. To be a significant contributor to this growth forecast, online retailers must aim to deliver delightful customer experiences.

Customer satisfaction is for amateurs; legends aim for customer delight. 

If you are running an online business, you are in the league of competitors trying to unlock the key to customer delight. It does not happen by chance. You must plan, implement, improve, and repeat the cycle. 

Whether starting a new online business or on the way to becoming an established e-tailer, use these seven methods to delight your customers and improve your bottom line:

Strengthen Customer Support

Customer support is the backbone of a business, both online and offline. For online, it becomes more significant as customers trust your platform for ordering an item without physically exploring it. 

Therefore, if things go sideways, you should have a team to address any issues. Also, never make your customers wait. Respond promptly. 

The less time you take issues to resolve, the more trust you will build in the customer's subconscious.

Show Empathy

Another critical aspect of the modern business ecosystem is to show customers you care for them. Don't just resolve their issues; bring human values to your resolution. 

Maintain an empathetic attitude, provide an action path, and express your care with words.

A small gesture will go a long way in creating customer delight.

Deliver Personalized Experiences

A personalized experience means: 

  • Addressing a customer with their name in emails

  • Resolving their specific pain points 

  • Recommending products they actually need

And more.

When you do these things, customers will feel valued. On the back of this feeling, they will become loyal to your business. 

Hence, the next time you shoot a promotional email, ensure that it addresses customers with their names.

Reward Loyal Customers

If a customer is loyal to your business, you must reward them. 

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Give them preferential treatment

  • Run exclusive offers

  • Create a loyalty reward program offering additional discounts, redeemable points, etc.

The goal is to appreciate your customer's effort in doing business with you. By rewarding your most loyal patrons, you surely will delight them.

Take Customer Feedback Seriously

Be a business that values its customers' voice. Feedback can be both negative and positive. Hence, it would be best if you acknowledged them accordingly. 

If a customer praises you for something, be humble and appreciate the customer's effort to put in the time to let you know about their experience.

Suppose the feedback is unfavorable; thank your customer for bringing it out and apologize for their poor experience. Also, ensure how you would rectify the mistake.

Once you address the issue, reach out to that customer and request feedback. 

Going the extra mile will delight your customers, and they will happily respond.

Solve Problems Proactively

Customers may face issues while achieving their end goal. As a result, they may come to you for an answer. 

Your potential prospects may be facing that issue as well. In that case, you must address the problem without any wait. 

The key to delighting customers is prioritizing issues that align with customers' needs and preferences. 

Also, you can empower customers with:

  • An educational resource such as a blog

  • A self-service portal

  • Tips on social media platforms

Anticipate and Deliver

Data is the key, whether big or small. Use the collected information you have to foresee customer needs and deliver. 

Being ahead of customers' expectations will place you better in optimizing customer experiences. One of the best ways is to put yourself in the customer's shoes to analyze how you can better predict what your customers want and give it to them.


Customer satisfaction and customer delight are two sides of the same coin. However, aiming for customer delight will always motivate you to do better. 

Everything adds to a customer delight score, whether providing personalized customer experiences or addressing customer grievances promptly.

Implementing these seven methods to delight your customers will strengthen your position in the market as a customer-centric business.


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