7 apps that will help you build your own brand

7 apps that will help you build your own brand

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The term brand building often scares a small business owner. Even the idea of creating a brand that matches the level of the industry standard seems far-fetched. The established brands have high marketing budgets and the best human resource working around the clock to maintain their dominance in the industry.
But, don’t worry digitisation can help you overcome these roadblocks.
This guide will help you establish your brand, sell directly to your customers, enjoy the perks of your client’s positive recommendation, increased market value, customer loyalty, and increased revenue.
Scroll down to read about the seven best applications in the market today. These have the required tools to create an unmissable brand that touches the heart of your audiences and wins long-term clients for your company.

7 Apps to Build your Own Brand

We’ve curated this list with every application’s offerings, ease of use, and efficiency in mind. Whether you’re just starting out in the business world or trying to maintain a constant position of reputation in the industry, these applications will help you throughout your journey.
DesignMantic: A Logo Creation App

1. DesignMantic: A Logo Creation App

Many companies worldwide rely on DesignMantic for building a unique logo that makes an imprint in the viewer’s mind. You can avail their free tools to design amazing logos. These are available on desktops and smartphones. Whether you’re travelling or brainstorming at your office, the app will always be there to turn your logo ideas into a highly creative design that stands out.
Canva: An App for Editing Designs

2. Canva: An App for Editing Designs

Canva has become synonymous with editing in the contemporary world. With its extremely easy-to-use interface, the application has got millions of business owners and promoters onboard. Even when you don’t have professional experience in editing or designing, the application helps you with templates and multiple tools that make your job easy. If at any point you find yourself stuck, contact their team to getpriority support in minutes.
Evernote: Productivity App

3. Evernote: Productivity App

Chances are that you might have already used this application. If you haven’t, let us introduce you to one of the most popular note-taking apps. It helps you note your creative ideas from the convenience of your mobile phone. You can capture pictures, draw on them, make notes next to them, record voice notes, and do much more from their simple user interface. Create a free account to get started. This account helps in synchronising your content across devices.
Bizzo: Create an online presence for your business

4. Bizzo: Create an online presence for your business

Creating an appealing, informative website or an online store can help you make a great first impression and give people comfort that you are a real business . Your customers feel connected with your company when they witness your journey through your website. This enables you to take a step forward to create a positive brand reputation. Bizzo helps you create a free website for your tourism business, manage inventory, integrate with social media and scale up your profits with promotions. 
Hootsuite: For Social Media Management

5. Hootsuite: For Social Media Management

Hootsuite offers a one-stop dashboard for managing your social media accounts and pages. Depending on your requirement, you can either choose from their free services or pay for the premium plans that help you manage multiple networks and profiles in one location.
Hubspot: Sales Automation App

6. Hubspot: Sales Automation App

Hubspot is one of the holy grails for startups and small businesses. It offers free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that helps you offer exceptional customer support around the clock. Through their platform, you can also track your sales, monitor your marketing campaigns, and get ahead of your competitors in no time.
Mailchimp: A Subscriber Management App

7. Mailchimp: A Subscriber Management App

Mailchimp is an application that automatically sends emails to hundreds of your customers. You can use the application to design email templates, manage subscriber lists, and monitor email marketing campaigns on the go.


Give these applications a shot to see which one works best for your business. They range across categories to establish and maintain a positive brand reputation. Remember, good products can be manufactured physically, but brands are only created in the mind. All the best for your brand building journey!

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