7 apps that will help you build your own booking site

7 apps that will help you build your own booking site

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7 Apps That Help You Build Your Own Booking Site



Staying organised is the biggest challenge for a business like a clinic, a hotel, a travel agency, or any business that gets orders, collects payments, and schedules meetings multiple times in a day. And if you're still using old-age methods like pen and paper or spreadsheets to manage appointments, you’re destined to get behind your competitors. 



Apps that help businesses to create their own website, manage bookings, link pricing and availability for their customers, instead of you depending on email replies to nail down a booking, are a blessing.



Find out the 7 best booking apps that easily work with your technology stack and make time to receive bookings! 



  1. BizzO


If you're searching for a booking app that will get your client ready quickly and for free—BizzO is the app. The app has a most comprehensive free plan with inventory management, discount coupons, booking reports, and a variety of native integrations for a seamless experience.



BizzO is used by the travel industry and allows people to integrate their current website, social media and existing reviews onto their new website. Unlike other aggregators, Bizzo exists to serve people and provide them a superior digital experience. 



Pricing: Free plan, pay Rs 299/ month for premium plans


  1. TimeTap


If you enjoy delving into the details and like to spend time customizing your tools, the most flexible and adaptable booking app available for you is TimeTap. This software is an excellent combination of capabilities and functionalities that could be an obvious decision for selection.



TimeTap features a fully customizable calendar view, with multiple options for day selections and appointment lists. The waitlist feature decreases the risks of no-shows and losing your money even if you're fully booked.



Pricing: For one person, the plan is free; for 5 people, the Professional Team plan is $39.95 a month.


  1. Zoho booking 


Zoho Bookings offers a lot of flexibility and has an intuitive dashboard. You can complete your business tasks virtually. Its features include time off and built-in buffer times, planned breaks, and a custom cancellation policy. You can also create multiple workspaces or business locations with their calendars and booking pages.



It provides a quick-access dashboard in the customer-facing booking page. You have to simply click on the “Booking” button to find out what your visitors are viewing. It is simple to edit and gives great user satisfaction. 



Pricing: Free for a single person; the Basic plan is $6 per user per month.


  1. Calendly 


Calendly helps teams by organizing multiple schedules for multiple persons at once. It offers a feature-rich free plan as well as a 14-day free trial for its paid plans. Every Calendly plan includes unlimited scheduled meetings as well as unlimited one-off meetings.



Calendly's free edition makes it possible to connect calendars and automatically send email alerts to customers who book with you. Its paid version includes a variety of features such as one-on-one, collective, and group meetings. It's ideal for groups since it has team pages, analytics and reporting, and administrative options for managing appointments.



Pricing: Free (Basic), $8 per user/month (Premium), $12 per user/month (Pro)


  1. SimplyBook


SimplyBook is an online booking system for all types and sizes of online businesses since it has over 60 custom features and various pricing options. It can be integrated into your current website, or you can construct a custom booking page within the platform. 



It can do more than just help you manage bookings; it helps you send "book soon" notifications to buyers who haven't purchased from you in a while, send coupons and gift cards to increase sales, and easily integrate with your social media, and more. 



Pricing: Free, $9.90/month (Basic), $29.90/month (Standard), and $59.90/month (Premium)


  1. Setmore


Setmore booking app is an excellent way to stretch a tight budget without losing scheduling quality, making it a perfect choice for the self-employed. Even the FREE plan includes unlimited appointments and the ability to accept payments from stripe and others.



Setmore works for both one-on-one and group bookings for any device. Integrate your Setmore booking page into your website. Bookings can also be accepted through your Facebook page and Instagram posts. Unlike other appointment scheduling services, Setmore charges as the number of users rises.



Pricing: Free up to 4 users, $9 per user/ month for Premium (up to 2 users)



  1. 10to8 


Small companies benefit from 10to8's affordable, reliable, and customized booking tools, which enable customers to schedule booking online any time. It is suitable for both one-on-one and group bookings. 



The specific features you have access to with 10to8 are determined by the plan you choose. Reduce no-show rates by sending appointment reminders through SMS, email, or phone call. It offers a bundle of features and an unlimited number of services, 1,500+ app integrations, features, and a 30-day free trial.



Pricing: Free plan, Basic plan $9.6/ month, $20/month for Grow Plan, $40/month for Big Businesses. 






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